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Custom Mailer Qualifications and Cost Estimates

To qualify to make your own custom mailing, you must mail to 200 or more contacts. Below are estimates on what you can expect to pay for your custom mailing (although these prices are subject to change depending on items mailed).
To request a quote, please fill out the form below.

The below are quotes for custom orders of 200 or more.

           - Avon Brochure, Mark Magalog, Large Avon Recruiting Flyer base price: $0.99 per brochure mailed

            - Add 1 black and white flyer made by you (maximum page size = 5.5” x 8”): ADDITIONAL $0.25 per brochure mailed

           - Add 1 sticker (sticker up to 5 lines = 1” x 2 5/8”): ADDITIONAL $0.15 per brochure mailed. See example here.

           - Add Avon’s Mini Recruiting flyer (4” x 4”) with a sticker (sticker = 1” x 2 5/8”) of up to 5 custom lines: ADDITIONAL $0.50 per brochure mailed (Please allow 2 weeks advanced notice to get these in stock.) See example here.

           - Want something additional? Please ask in the below form.


Custom Mailer Quote Request
(If you are only ordering the brochure, you do not need to fill out this form. Please go ahead and order in Your Control Panel)

*Your Name:


*Main Mailing:

*Addition 1:

Addition 2 (optional):

Additional Sticker Line 1 (optional):

Additional Sticker Line 2 (optional):

Additional Sticker Line 3 (optional):

Additional Sticker Line 4 (optional):

Additional Sticker Line 5 (optional):

Please email additional files to if needed.



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